TdB Charity rider spotlight: Keith’s Cycle Challenge

Since our very first Tour de Broads event six years ago, our aim has always been to encourage those of all abilities to discover the social and health benefits of joining the local cycling community, while also helping raise money for charities and local cycling schemes and initiatives. As a social enterprise all profits from our events are reinvested into local cycling projects with over £100,000 raised for local and international charities and cycling schemes in 2017.

We are also very proud of the fact that a number of participants choose our Tour de Broads events to raise funds and awareness for causes that our close to their hearts. We’d like to take the opportunity to spotlight some of these riders and hopefully add some extra publicity to their campaigns.

Keith’s Cycle Challenge

Keith contacted us to let us know that he will be using both our Tour de Broads Spring and Summer events as part of a series of cycling challenges he will be undertaking from March to November this year that should see his odometer clock well over 4000 miles. He will be using this challenge to raise awareness and funds for Prostate Cancer UK. Here is his story:

“Prostate cancer has been a part of my family for almost 10 years. In 2009 my father was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer and because of that I asked to have a PSA test. As this showed an elevated PSA level I have been monitored for the last 5 years. After several PSA tests and three biopsies I was diagnosed with stage 2 prostate cancer in 2017. I am lucky as it has been found early and I have more options open to me than my father had. Since being diagnosed I have heard so many stories of men not getting tested and finding out very late they they have this disease. I would would urge all men over 50 to get a PSA test, its painless and it could save your life.

During 2018 I am planning to undertake a few bikes rides to raise awareness of the disease and also (hopefully) funds for Prostate Cancer UK. You can see details of all my rides in ‘The events’ section. Please like and share my page with your friends and do of course come along to the social events we will be arranging. I will personally be paying for all rides so all money donated with go to Prostate Cancer UK.”

We wish Keith and his two old Oriel school friends Tim Howlett and Neil Dyball (who will be accompanying him for the events) the best of luck with his challenge and look forward to presenting them with both parts of their Tour de Broads medals after the rides.

If you spot Keith in his white and blue jersey, give him a shout and a wave of encouragement and maybe a couple of quid if you can spare it.

You can read more about Keith’s challenge on his website, or contribute on his JustGiving page.

Keith's Cycling Challenge

If you are also riding the Tour de Broads to support a charity or good cause, please contact us and we will feature you on our website and social media.